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Find help with federal student loan debt, get answers to your student debt problems and see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness. The Gamez Law Firm is dedicated to providing debt relief options available both before and after default to lower your student loan debt. We’ve helped many individuals with federal student loan debt relief in San Diego, the state of California and Texas, and would love to help you become debt free too!


Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been out of school for a while, millions of Americans are having a difficult time repaying their federal student loans. For some, the job market may be more challenging than you expected; for others, you might be experiencing personal troubles or financial hardship. Regardless of your circumstances, you can bet that the federal government will expect regular payments under the terms of your student loan. Fortunately, there are options to help get federal student loan borrowers going through tough time. For a Free Consultation to figure out your debt options, contact us via our online form or call 858-217-5051 we’re here to help!

Options For Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

San Diego debt relief lawyer Daniel R. Gamez is here to teach you about student loan forgiveness and help you with your federal student loan debt problems. We’ll clearly explain your best options to settle your student debt so you can begin working towards your fresh start!

Help With Federal Student Loan Debt

Federal student loan debt is the 2nd largest consumer debt in America. You’re not alone! It’s our mission to help people get the relief they need and start living a debt free life! Call us today at 858-217-5051 to put this behind you once and for all.

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Federal Student Loan Debt Settlement Success Stories

  • Our client had his federal student loans go into default. He was facing a potential wage garnishment if he could not come up with a plan to start repaying this debt. Based on his income, we were able to get him qualified for a loan rehabilitation. Under this plan, he will pay 9 monthly payments of $5.00 per month. Upon completion of those payments, his loan will be sold to another lender for further repayment on the balance due. More important, the bad marks on his credit will be removed. He will also be eligible for forbearances, deferments, and income-based repayment plans. Not a bad deal for $45 in total payments for the next 9 months.
  • Our client owed $15,019.42 on a Federal Student Loan that eventually made its way back to the Department of Education due to non-payment and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that lasted 5 years. The Federal Student Loan survived the bankruptcy. The Department of Education sent the account to Performant Recovery for collection. We negotiated with them to settle the account for $8,000.00, payable in one lump sum. Federal Student Loans can haunt you for life. The Department of Education can garnish your wages and intercept tax returns to repay the debt. We are thrilled to get this result for our client!

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