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Are you overwhelmed by student loan debt and in need of student loan forgiveness? There is over $1.2 trillion in U.S. student loan debt and according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the delinquency rates for students in repayment plans was 27%.  If you find that you cannot repay your private or federal student loans, you are not alone. 

The Gamez Law Firm offers debt relief services for both Private Student Loan Debt and Federal Student Loan Debt.  Click the student loan debt that applies to your situation to learn more about each. If you’ve been sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust we have extensive experience fighting back, just contact us for a FREE consultation at 858-217-5051.

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NBC 7 San Diego Appearance Talking About Defaulting On Student Loans

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Student Loan Debt Statistics

The student loan crisis in America is truly an epidemic, find out your best debt relief options by scheduling a FREE student debt consultation with Gamez Law Firm. Millions of Americans are currently paying off student loans and each year millions more take out student loans for the first time. Look below for links of interesting student loan statistics for the U.S.

Average Student Loan Debt For A 2016 Grad

Total U.S. Student Loan Debt 2016

Average Student Loan Payment 2016

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