Recently, a 67-year-old-woman with over $20,000 in credit card debt contacted me because Unifund CCR Partners was about to start garnishing her wages. She was distraught and wanted to know how to avoid wage garnishment from Unifund.  First of all, who is Unifund?  Unifund is a large company who purchases credit card debt from the original credit card company.  Oftentimes, when someone is sued by Unifund, they are confused since they never took out a credit card with Unifund. 

Avoid Wage Garnishment From Unifund

The woman who called me was in a panic when she received notice that her wages were about to be garnished.  She had wanted to retire, but had kept on working because she owed a tax debt that she was on a payment plan for.  Without her wages, she would be in default for her tax debt. She needed me to stop wage garnishment by Unifund immediately.


I took her on as a client and filed a claim of exemption.  A claim of exemption is filed with the Sheriff explaining why a person’s wages should not be garnished. Unifund failed to object to the claim of exemption, so the sheriff notified her employer that no further wage garnishment would be necessary.  My client was able to keep her wages and continue to pay off her tax debt. 


Stop Wage Garnishment By Unifund

Unfortunately, my client also owes on a loan that she took out against her retirement fund.  The debt spiral often happens this way.  With much of her wages going to pay her tax debt, she could not afford her basic living expenses, so borrowed against her retirement fund.  Now at age 67 when she wants to retire, my client is forced to work to pay off her debts.  I am working on negotiating with Unifund to reduce credit card debt over $20,000 that she owes them through a debt settlement.  I hope and expect that this will be added to my list of debt relief success stories in the near future. If you or someone you know is facing wage garnishment and need help stopping wage garnishment in California or Texas, contact the Gamez Law Firm for a FREE consultation to find out your best options. It’s important that if you’ve received a notice that you’re being sued to take action immediately to prevent a default judgment and garnishment from happening.


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