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law blog debt relief Gamez Law Firm San Diego

Read our latest blog posts featuring debt relief tips & more!

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What to Do If Sued By CIR Law Offices For Credit Card Debt

By | October 8th, 2017|Credit Card Debt Help, Dealing with Debt Collectors|

If you are wondering what to do if sued by CIR Law Offices, then you are not alone.  As a debt relief attorney, I often deal with the CIR Law Office in San Diego to help consumers sued for credit card debt.  A credit card debt lawsuit can be overwhelming if you don’t know how [...]

Get Debt Help In San Diego and Get On With Your Life

By | September 20th, 2017|Debt Relief|

The Gamez Law Firm offers debt help in San Diego for consumers struggling with all types of debt problems including credit card debt, student loan debt, bank levies, medical debt, and more.   As a trusted “A+” rated law firm by the BBB and rated #1 by the San Diego Union-Tribune readers’ poll, we offer our [...]

How to Lower Navient Student Loan Debt

By | September 14th, 2017|Student Loan Debt Help|

If you need Navient student loan debt help, then you are not alone.  According to Forbes, Navient is focused on collecting approximately $300 billion in student loan debt from 12 million borrowers.  How to lower Navient student loan debt depends on whether you have federal or private student loans, and I will explain viable options [...]

How to Find Out if You are Affected by Equifax Data Breach

By | September 8th, 2017|Credit Repair Help|

Equifax, one of the 3 main credit-reporting agencies in the country, has been hacked in a massive security breach.  According to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, "The Equifax breach has potentially exposed sensitive personal information of nearly everyone with a credit report…” In response to the Equifax security breach, Equifax Chairman and CEO Rick [...]

Bad News for Student Loan Borrowers

By | September 7th, 2017|Student Loan Debt Help|

The U.S. Department of Education Will No Longer Work with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Protect Consumers Against Student Loan Fraud The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created after the 2008 financial crisis to “protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law.”   Since 2011, the [...]

Don’t Get Into Debt From Social Media Envy

By | August 20th, 2017|Debt Relief|

As a debt relief attorney, I implore you – don’t get into debt from social media envy.  I see it all the time and understand how hard it is to avoid social media envy, but if you want to stay out of debt – then you’ve got to be careful of being so envious of [...]

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs For Teachers

By | August 1st, 2017|Student Loan Debt Help|

 “A good teacher is like a candle: it consumes itself to light the way for others” - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  It is unfortunate that student loan forgiveness for teachers is such an uphill battle. NPR wrote an in-depth piece about the struggle facing teachers with student loan debt.  Some of the distressing comments from teachers [...]

The New York Times is Misleading Student Loan Borrowers With The Claim that $5 Billion in Student Loan Debt May Be Wiped Away

By | July 20th, 2017|Student Loan Debt Help|

Open Letter: Debt Relief Attorney’s Response to the July, 17, 2017 New York Times article As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away by Daniel Gamez, Debt Relief Attorney San Diego, CA - July 19, 2017 – On Monday, the New York Times wrote the article As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private [...]

In the Student Loan Debt Crisis, The Debt Collectors Are The Real Winners

By | July 17th, 2017|Student Loan Debt Help|

Recently NBC San Diego interviewed me and senior member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, Congresswoman Susan Davis, for the investigative report “Student Loan Programs to Help Borrowers Costing Taxpayers” to discuss the student loan debt crisis.  You can watch our video for this blog post below or continue reading below:   In the [...]

Help For Using Credit Cards to Pay Gambling Debt

By | July 10th, 2017|Credit Card Debt Help|

Most people think that the only way to get help for using credit cards to pay gambling debt is to declare bankruptcy.  Each person’s gambling debt story is unique, but it’s important to know that you do have options to pay off your gambling debt. You can watch our video for this blog post below [...]