Anyone can learn the law and defend themselves in a civil case (excluding some small claims courts), so the answer is yes.  And anyone can negotiate a debt settlement, as long as you educate yourself thoroughly.  Keep in mind that the plaintiff’s attorneys have vast resources at their fingertips and are ready to use them all against you.   Your odds of getting out of your lawsuit with success are greatly increased with the help of an attorney for these 7 reasons:

Reasons To Use A Student Loan Lawyer

  1. An attorney knows the law regarding debt collection lawsuits. There are many different laws that cover these types of cases. You probably don’t have in-depth knowledge of them if you don’t have a legal background, but a student loan lawyer that handles these matters has expertise in this area.


  1. You’re probably not familiar with your legal rights. There are a number of reasons that the plaintiff’s lawsuit might be insufficient, which would require the court to dismiss the case. But if you’re not aware of your rights under the law, you won’t know to raise any defenses that weigh in your favor.


  1. Improper service may be grounds for lawsuit dismissal. The plaintiff is required to deliver, via court official, a Summons and Complaint outlining the cause of action; it must be personally served to you and usually at your normal place of residence. If the service requirements aren’t met, the court may dismiss the case. An attorney will be able to identify if improper service has occurred.


  1. You might have a counterclaim against the collection agency. Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act may give rise to a counterclaim against the plaintiff. An student loan debt attorney will be able to establish if you have a counterclaim.


  1. A debt relief attorney can help you repair your credit rating. When your case is concluded, by settlement or other strategy, a lawyer can assist with making sure credit reporting agencies list accurate information about your financial dealings.


  1. Courtroom procedural rules are complex. In addition to the laws covering debt collection cases, there are also rules for courtroom proceedings. Being unfamiliar with procedural rules can have damaging consequences on your case.


  1. You may be pressured to settle. The plaintiff’s attorney may urge you to settle the case for an unaffordable amount, using aggressive tactics. Hiring an experienced debt collection lawyer prevents the opposing counsel from taking advantage of you.


Whether it’s National Collegiate Student Loan Debt, Navient or some other student loan debt collector, these large companies have tremendous resources at their disposal.  Facing a student loan debt lawsuit can be a complicated matter.  It’s important to educate yourself and know your rights and remedies under the law.

Student Loan Lawyer In San Diego

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