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law blog debt relief Gamez Law Firm San Diego

Read our latest blog posts featuring debt relief tips & more!

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Options Besides Bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt Relief

By | July 13th, 2016|Credit Card Debt Help|

Americans are notorious for carrying high credit card debt.  According to Time magazine, only 35% of credit card users don’t carry a balance. How do people deal with credit card debt? Many people think the only way to handle problems with high credit card debt is bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is a proceeding that can [...]

11 Tips To Lower Your Credit Card Debt Over The Summer

By | June 27th, 2016|Credit Card Debt Help|

Summertime can lead to a slippery slope of credit card spending, leaving many in need of credit card debt help in San Diego. You look at your social media and see your friends taking off on vacations, going to concerts, movies, eating out and the like.  It all looks so fun, and you can do [...]

Can A Credit Card Collection Lawsuit Be Settled Before Trial?

By | February 29th, 2016|Credit Card Debt Help, Debt Lawsuits|

When you’ve been sued by a creditor to recover amounts due for your credit card debt, you probably have dozens of questions regarding your rights. You might have heard that these types of cases may be settled before trial, so some specifics on credit card debt settlement should be helpful in understanding the proceedings. It’s [...]

How To Fight Credit Card Companies Who Are Suing You

By | February 19th, 2016|Credit Card Debt Help, Debt Lawsuits|

You’ve just been served with documents notifying you that a credit card company is suing you and outlining the grounds for the charges. What do you do now? A lawsuit is a very important matter, so you must take action to fight the claims and defend your interests. You should consult with a credit card [...]

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Options In San Diego

By | February 16th, 2016|Credit Card Debt Help|

When you’re unable to pay your credit card bills on a regular basis or have gotten in over your head with credit cards, the company may eventually file a lawsuit against you. As the defendant in such a case, you do have options for contesting the charges and possibly settling the case. A lawyer that [...]

Dealing With Holiday Credit Card Debt

By | December 30th, 2015|Credit Card Debt Help|

The holidays are just coming to a close and we’re all left with the happy memories of gift giving and get-togethers with our loved ones. However, it won’t be long before the mailbox will start to fill up with the credit card bills that you used to pay for all the good times you enjoyed. [...]

What I Wish I Had Known About Credit Cards Before I Used Them To Finance My Big Software Project

By | December 23rd, 2015|Credit Card Debt Help|

As a small business owner, you sometimes need to invest in your business to remain competitive. Technology is becoming such a big part of operations for many companies, but these solutions are often expensive – more than can be covered by typical revenue. You might be tempted to use credit cards to fund big software [...]

Smart Ways Of Financing Your Small Business Without Using Credit Cards

By | December 17th, 2015|Credit Card Debt Help|

If you’re considering starting a small business or want to expand your existing operations, you may need to look into financing options to fund your efforts. Many owners turn to credit cards as a simple, convenient way to get the money they need, but there are other options available that may make more sense; some [...]

How Does Credit Card Debt Rank In Terms Of Types Of Debt And Why

By | December 13th, 2015|Credit Card Debt Help|

There’s much more to the concept of debt than just owing money to a creditor. There are different types of debt and each is ranked in order from “good” to “bad”; the ranking is partly intended to help anyone looking at your credit score understand your situation before they extend additional credit to you. Credit [...]

Why do credit card companies settle for 40 cents on the dollar or less

By | November 6th, 2015|Credit Card Debt Help|

If you’ve done any research into resolving your credit card debt, you might have read that some companies are willing to settle your account – sometimes for as low as 40 cents for every dollar you owe. In general, this is because an organization realizes that they may not be able to recover the full [...]