Have you been sued or threatened with a lawsuit by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates? If so, you may have the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) on your side. The CFPB recently sued the Hanna law firm alleging that it is running a “lawsuit mill” that may be using illegal tactics to strong-arm consumers into paying debts they may not owe. Check out the full story in the following article.


In my credit card debt settlement practice, I often meet with consumers that have been sued by creditors. Oftentimes, they have never even heard of the creditor suing them. Most often their debts have been sold to a third party purchaser. Unfortunately, the transfer of this debt to the third party doesn’t always come with the best record keeping. Law firms like Hanna & Associates will seek to collect this debt for a period of time before electing to file suit. The CFPB alleges that in 4 years, Hanna & Associates has filed more than 350,000 lawsuits in the state of Georgia alone, collecting millions of dollars from consumers that might not even owe the debt. This problem is bigger than Georgia. I have met with a number of consumers here in San Diego that have received collection letters from Hanna & Associates.

Regardless of whether or not you believe you owe a debt, you should consult with an debt settlement attorney when you receive letters from Hanna & Associates or any other debt collection law firm. I’m willing to put my money on the CFPB as they continue to investigate debt collection firms. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And my guess is that the continued efforts by the CFPB will uncover more and more collection outfits doing the same thing across the country.