Have you ever received a collection notice from a creditor? Do you look at these notices and wonder who the heck NCO Group is? Or how about Portfolio Recovery Associates, Expert Global Solutions or Encore Capital Group? These are some of the major debt collectors in the country and they all have one goal in mind – to collect from you. But before you whip out your checkbook to pay them off, you must make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate collection agency. The following article provides 3 simple steps to follow if you receive a debt collection notice.

3 steps to follow if you receive a debt collection notice


Something not discussed too often is brought up at the end of the article. Check your credit report on an annual basis. There are three bureaus and most experts will suggest that you check one report per quarter. This may give you a better chance to catch an error on your report earlier than if you check all three at the same time once per year. There are a number of sites to use to check your credit, but annualreport.com is the only site I am aware of that is truly free. You can access all three of your reports through that website. Just make sure to decline any add-on services if you don’t really need them. Dealing with your credit is never an easy thing to do. But by being proactive you may be able to avoid a headache from an erroneous or fraudulent debt collector.