The U.S. Department of Justice issued a news release after a Federal Court sent four scam artists to Federal Prison for various charges related to debt settlement. The scam took place not far from San Diego in Orange County, California. The prosecuted parties portrayed themselves as law firms named Nelson Gamble and Associates and Jackson Hunter Morris and Knight.  As the news release indicates, these individuals provided false promises of hope to people struggling with debt, “but the promises were empty as the ‘debt relief’ firm was nothing more than an advance fee scheme designed to line the pockets of the defendants.”

Debt Relief Scam Results In Prison Time

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The prison terms range from one month to seven years for the four individuals.  The have also been ordered to over $7 million in restitution for their fraudulent acts.  These acts included failure to tell their victims about up front fees that the company took that was around 15 percent of the customer’s debt.

It’s a shame that scam artists like these get away with their illegal behavior and bilk innocent consumers out of so much of their hard earned money. In my debt relief law practice I always like to ensure my clients that I, as their attorney, will be fully involved in the debt settlement process. I don’t outsource my work to companies to settle. I have my hands in every settlement. I also like to assure my clients that they are free to look me up with the State Bar of California and the State Bar of Texas, where I maintain licenses to practice law. As an attorney, I am held to a higher standard and risk losing my license if found to be doing anything illegal. I take special care to ensure that I am compliant with the law so that I can provide my clients with reassurances when they retain my firm. It’s a shame these scam artists don’t care about the people they bilked for thousands of dollars. If you are considering debt settlement for your debts, consult with an attorney. It will be money well and wisely spent. If you have debt relief questions, contact me for a free debt consultation to go over your options.


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