I read up on trending subjects online daily. One topic that seems to keep popping up is whether you can go to jail for failure to pay back your debts. This question usually comes up in the context of payday loans. While it may be true that failure to pay back a payday loan could land you back in court, this does not mean you can go to jail if you can’t pay it back. Debtor’s prisons are a thing of the past and you CANNOT go to jail if you default in payments. Worst case scenario for failure to pay back a debt is a civil judgment against you. The following article discusses this topic and provides some great advice if you are contacted by a debt collector about a payday loan.

Could Not Paying a Debt Land You in Jail?


As this article points out, there are rogue collectors out there willing to scare you into paying a debt on the spot, even if you don’t legitimately owe the debt. Take the advice given in this article. Require written proof that you owe a debt before you pay it. And please know that failing to pay a debt will not subject you to prison time. You cannot be locked up for failure to pay back a debt. Debtors’ prisons were abolished back in the late 1800s. The worst case scenario is getting sued in civil court and a potential judgment against you. If you are falling behind in payment to a payday lender, seek the assistance of an attorney with experience in this area of law. Money spent on an debt attorney is well worth it, even if it is just for peace of mind. You may find that through an attorney, a negotiate settlement could lead to you paying less than the balance due on legitimate debts owed to a payday lender.