During the free consultation that I offer to my clients at the Gamez Law Firm, I am often told that it was hard to take the first step facing their debt problems.  Even though it’s free to call me and ask my opinion about any particular debt situation, it’s often hard to pick up the phone and make the call.  Debt can seem like a scary burden to tackle.  But more often than not, there is a debt solution waiting for your debt problem.  That’s why I decided to add a new feature to my website called Ask a Debt Question. Quickly get straightforward answers to your debt questions!


Simply contact me by using our Ask A Debt Question form if you need debt help or to ask a free debt question about issues, such as:

  • Debt Lawsuit Defense
  • Credit Card Debt Relief
  • Student Loan Debt Relief
  • Medical Debt Relief
  • Second Mortgage Debt Relief
  • Payday Loan Debt Relief
  • Small Business Debt Relief
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosures
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Collection Harassment
  • Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments
  • Short Sales
  • Wrongful Repossessions


The Gamez Law Firm is a full-service debt relief law firm and is proud to have been voted #2 by the San Diego Union-Tribune Readers’ Poll.  “A” rated by the BBB, we are a very different operation than a debt relief company. Oftentimes, debt relief companies prey on people who are scared and in debt.  Unlike a law firm, they are not held to the same legal standards and ethical obligations to act in the best interest of the client.   If you are interested in knowing your options to debt issues, then contact me today for a free debt consultation.


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