How can you stop a wage garnishment from a debt collector in San Diego?  The key is timing!  If you owe debt that you cannot pay, then the debt collector can obtain a judgement against you to go after your wages to satisfy the debt.  It varies from state to state, but in California up to 25% of your wages can be garnished until the debt is totally paid off.  You can choose to file for bankruptcy to avoid wage garnishment, but that should be a last resort. Stop debt collectors and stop wage garnishment in San Diego with these helpful tips.

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How to Stop Wage Garnishment From Debt Collector

Timing is vital to stop a wage garnishment in San Diego.  It is possible to stop wage garnishment immediately before your employer receives notice of the wage garnishment.  The moment that you receive notice that you have had a judgement entered against you, you need to act fast!   Find a wage garnishment lawyer with successful experience in stopping wage garnishment.  A skilled attorney will negotiate with your debt collector to reach a debt settlement.  The goal of reaching a debt settlement with your debt collector is to lower your total debt that you owe and to negotiate a debt repayment plan over an extended period of time.


Wage Garnishment Lawyer To Stop Debt Collectors

The other huge advantage of hiring a capable San Diego wage garnishment lawyer to stop a wage garnishment is to convince the Court that you need your paycheck for the basic necessities of life.  If the court accepts a claim of exemption that garnishing your wages creates an undue hardship, then they will most likely reduce your wage garnishment. Or as I stated earlier, you still may be able to negotiate a settlement that will stop the wage garnishment and allow you to settle in a lump sum payment for a reduced amount or a reduced payment plan over a period of time.


Legal Help for Wage Garnishment

If you receive a wage garnishment order, then you need to seek legal help as soon as possible.  Whether you owe student loan debt, credit card debt, medical debt or any other kind of debt to a debt collector, it’s vital that you hire a San Diego wage garnishment attorney with successful experience in the debt relief industry.  For more information on how to stop a wage garnishment, view my video or contact me for a free debt consultation to go over your debt options. 


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