If you have been sued for not paying your medical debt, then you need to know how to stop wage garnishment for medical bills.  When you owe medical bills, then the creditor who owns that medical debt can sue you and obtain a judgement against you for the medical debt. In California the wage garnishment law states up to 25% of your wages can be garnished until the debt is paid in full.  Filing for bankruptcy to stop a wage garnishment is an option, but should be a last resort.


How To Stop Wage Garnishment For Medical Bills

It doesn’t seem fair when you have been through whatever medical crisis got you into this situation in the first place.  But the creditor will most likely do some simple research to find out where you work and give notice to your employer that your wages must be garnished.  Your employer has to comply with the court and garnish your wages, however you cannot be fired for a wage garnishment.


If you have a judgment against you and think that your wages are about to be garnished for medical debt, then you need to act immediately.  It is possible to reach a negotiated settlement with your creditor before your employer receives notice of the wage garnishment.  If you cannot settle with the creditor and your wages are being garnished, you have the right to file a Claim of Exemption to reduce or eliminate the amount being garnished. The key factor is convincing the Court that you need all of your wages for the basic necessities of life.  Fighting a wage garnishment in court is vital to stopping wage garnishment for medical bills.


I have a client in San Diego who had no idea she had a judgement against her until her Human Resources department notified her that her wages were about to be garnished.  She called my law firm for a free debt consultation and within an hour of retaining the Gamez Law Firm we negotiated with her creditor and they agreed to reduce the judgement by 25%, stop the post-judgement interest charges, to NOT garnish her wages and to allow her to repay her debt over 6-months in a repayment plan.


Wage Garnishment Help For Medical Bills

For more information on wage garnishment, check out our helpful wage garnishment video, read about our debt relief success stories with clients just like you who have been sued for wage garnishment or contact me for a free debt consultation at 858-217-5051 to go over your options.


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