If you are being sued by Mandarich Law Group for debt, then you need to know you have debt relief options.  Mandarich Law Group often represents CACH LLC in debt collection lawsuits.  CACH LLC buys debt from companies such as Chase, Bank of America and Capitol One for pennies on the dollar.  If you are served with a debt collection lawsuit from Mandarich Law Group, then you need to file a response with the court within 30 days or risk having a default judgement entered against you.  Meaning you lose before the fight even starts. 

Do not lose hope if you have been sued by Mandarich Law Group for debt.  I have had much success negotiating debt settlements for my clients sued by Mandarich Law Group on behalf of CACH LLC.  For instance, our client’s business had gone under and he was unable to pay the merchant loan that he had taken out from Bank of the Internet/On Deck Capital for $6,000.  With interest charges, my client ended up owing $7,321.  My client’s debt was sold to CACH, LLC who retained Mandarich Law Group to sue him in a debt collection lawsuit.  Once my client retained me, I negotiated a debt settlement that my client would only have to pay $447.37 of his entire debt owed.  That is a savings of over 94% or $6,800!


Sued By Mandarich Law Group? Here’s What To Do

So who is Mandarich Law Group?  And how do you reply to a letter from Mandarich Law Group?   Mandarich Law Group is a law firm based in California who represents one of the largest debt buyers in the United States – CACH LLC. CACH LLC buys credit card debt and other types of debt from companies such as Chase, GE Money Retail Bank, Bank of America and Capital One for pennies on the dollar.  Even though your debt did not originate with CACH LLC, you still very much owe this debt, plus any overdraft fees, attorney fees, interest and late fees.   CACH LLC buys debt has been “charged off”.   Debt is considered “charged off” when the borrower has not made a payment in 180 days.  CACH LLC buys massive amounts of “charged off” debts and hires Mandarich Law Group to sue the borrower and collect the debt.

Mandarich Law Group and CACH LLC have vast resources at their fingertips to bring about debt collection lawsuits, however, you can and should fight back!  When CACH LLC buys debt, they often only have a spreadsheet of data with just your name, number and the amount of debt you owe.  The burden of proof under the law is on Mandarich Law Group to prove that they do in fact now own your debt, that all of the information in the lawsuit is correct (your name, debt amount, etc) and that the statute of limitations has not passed.   If that burden of proof is not met, then your lawsuit can most likely be dismissed.

For example, our client owed third-party debt buyer, CACH, LLC, $21,204.82 for a debt originally owed to GE Money Retail Bank. Various collection agencies attempted to collect on this debt. During that time, the 4-year statute of limitations for the creditor to sue expired. CACH, LLC can no longer sue our client to collect on this debt, but can legally attempt to collect.  Our client realized a savings of 100% on this debt. He is now in retirement and no longer in fear of these creditors coming after him.

Sued By Mandarich Law Group for debt, what should you do

If you’re sued by Mandarich Law Group, you can fight back with help from a debt lawsuit lawyer.


If the Mandarich Law Group lawsuit is valid, however, then it’s most likely time to negotiate a debt settlement.


Mandarich Law Group Settlement

A Mandarich Law Group settlement should be negotiated by an experienced debt relief attorney.  Mandarich Law Group has a huge firm of debt collection attorneys who do nothing but sue to collect debt all day, every day.  You need to have an experienced debt relief attorney fighting on your behalf.  Be aware of debt relief companies who often get caught up in debt relief scams and are not held to the same ethical standards under the law as attorneys operating in a law firm.  I offer a free debt consultation to go over your debt relief options based on your specific situation.  Do not ever pay money up front for advice.

A Mandarich Law Group settlement is a negotiation that the you (the borrower) will pay an often greatly reduced amount to the owner of the debt (CACH LLC) in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.  Mandarich accepts these debt settlements because their client CACH LLC would rather save on costly debt collection lawsuits and they would rather receive some funds from you that have you declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.   

Here are more examples of how to fight Mandarich Law Group and win.  CACH, LLC retained Madarich Law Group to sue my client for a $27,124 debt. We negotiated a Mandarich Law Group settlement one week before trial for $13,500, payable over 27 months. We saved our client approximately 50% of the total debt due, and helped him avoid having to appear at trial to testify.  In another case, our client owed Bank of America $9,082.48.  CACH LLC bought the debt and Mandarich Law Group sued my client.  I negotiated a debt settlement that required my client to pay only $3,000 (or 33%) of the total debt.


Lawyer For Debt Lawsuit From Mandarich Law Group

If you are being sued by Mandarich Law Group, then your best course of action is to hire a debt lawsuit defense attorney.  The lawsuit will not go away if you don’t fight back.  And if you don’t fight back, you will most likely lose in a default judgement.  Hiring an experienced debt relief attorney with proven client success stories can usually end up saving you a significant amount of money and stress.  As previously stated, I offer a completely free consultation to go over your lawsuit and discuss your debt relief options.  Give me a call at 858-217-5051, email me at daniel@gamezlawfirm.com or go to the “Ask a Debt Question” page on my website.

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